Here are some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you don’t see your answer here, please email us at yummybuttershop@gmail.com or visit us at a Northern Virginia Farmer’s Market.

Who came up with the idea for Yummy Butters?

Our founder, Mike Clarkson, grew up with his grandmother who was a great cook, and when she passed away, he had to find that aroma and taste of her meals by experimenting with flavors as an adult. Garlic Butter was his first creation. Read more about Our Story.

What is Yummy Butter used for?

Yummy Butter amps up the enjoyment of food with different flavor profiles. It can be used when cooking foods, or spread onto bread, vegetables and other items as a condiment. Enjoy it any time!

What are C-Sonings used for?

Our herb and spice blends add heat or yummy flavors to foods either during cooking or sprinkled on as a condiment onto fresh or cooked foods. We offer ideas and recipes under each product on our website.

How much do your jars hold?

Each jar of butter weighs 1/2lb, 2.87″W x 2.96″H, and holds 8oz of butter. Each jar of c-soning weighs 1/2lb, 1.81W x 4.75H, holds 5.5oz of C-soning.

I’d love to get some recipes!

We offer some basic recipes on our website and blog, and we encourage you to sign up for our Butter Fan Subscription where we’ll be sending out new recipes all the time! They’re butterlicious!

Do your products contain salt?

Most of our products do contain salt except sweet butter. For your convenience, our ingredients are listed under each item on our website and on each product label.

Are your products created nut- or wheat-free?

Yes, our products are safe to use for people with nut or wheat allergies or sensitivities. Our Yummy Butters do, however, contain dairy products.

Is there actual seafood in the Seafood Butter?

No. It’s just seafood flavoring.

Are your ingredients fresh or powdered?

We use all powdered ingredients. We used to use fresh garlic but the shelf life wasn’t long, and we want our customers to have enough time to enjoy it.

What is the shelf life of your C-Sonings?

Our C-Sonings are always best when they’re fresh. We recommend storing them at room temperature away from direct sunlight and using them within one to two years.

Can I put your jars into the freezer or microwave?

Our plastic jars are temperature tolerant to between -40 and 120 degrees. We freeze ours sometimes. To thaw butters, remove them from the refrigerator or freezer and let them sit at room temperature for 30 minutes, or microwave them for 20 seconds.

How should I store your Yummy Butters?

Our Yummy Butters can be refrigerated for 2-3 months, or kept in the freezer up to a year.

Where can I buy Yummy Butters and C-Sonings?

You can find us at our booth at local Farmer’s Markets throughout Northern Virginia on weekends, or you can order our products online! Check our Farmer’s Market calendar to see where we’ll be next!

What kind of payments are accepted at the Farmer’s Markets?

We accept payments in the form of cash, credit cards, and all payment apps.

Is it better to order online or buy your Yummy Butters and C-Sonings at local Farmer’s Markets?

We would love to see you stop by our booth at one of the local Northern Virginia Farmer’s Markets where we have all of our products available for immediate purchase—with no shipping charges! Check our Farmer’s Market calendar to see where we’ll be next! We also offer online ordering for your convenience when you can’t come out to visit us in person. To keep the freshness of our products, we ship all orders Monday-Wednesday.

I’d like to have your products delivered regularly. Do you have a subscription service?

Yes, we do offer a subscription service. Simply sign up for the products and frequency you’d like, and we’ll deliver your Yummy Butters or C-Sonings directly to your home with free shipping! No international shipping is available.

Our subscription service includes other benefits, such as yummy 8 recipes a month, cooking tips, a birthday goodie bag, scheduled delivery options and more!

What is your return & exchange policy?

All sales are final on our Yummy Butter and C-Soning products as these are food items. But please get in touch with us if there are issues or concerns when your package arrives (online orders).

We will accept exchanges on unworn T-shirts if the fit is wrong, or we can issue you a store credit. Contact us.